Upload your email files

Our batch verification service is ideal if you have an existing list of email addresses that you need to verify.


1. Upload your files, drag and drop the files or use the Select File to Upload button to browse your computer for the file. Formats supported are .txt .csv and .zip files



We will automatically perform a pre-validation “clean-up” to remove known bad domains and invalid syntax before submitting to validation. Your files can also contain multiple columns of data.

Click the button to validate your newly uploaded lists. Pay the fee when prompted. The service can be purchased for a one-time list validation, or alternatively you can purchase a subscription giving you a set daily quota.



2. Wait for the file to complete the validation process and then view the results. You don't have to watch the process, you can close the page and we will notify you by email when the validation process is complete.


You can download just the OK results, the BAD results or the Unknown results, or all of the results in one file by clicking on the link below the corresponding coloured boxes. There are charts showing the percentages based on result and additional result information.



3. Your lists are stored for up to 30 days.