How to find your PayPal transaction id for your email verification purchase

Via Email:


1. Log onto the email address associated with your PayPal account.

2. Locate the email receipt you should have received from PayPal regarding your purchase from us.

3. When you have located and opened the correct email receipt look in the top-right of the email and you will see the date and time of the receipt.

4. Just under the date and time will be the "Transaction ID:" field and an alphanumeric code.


Via PayPal:


1. Login to your PayPal account.

2. Select "History" at the top.

3. Click "Find a transaction" next to the display of your balance.

4. Use the search feature to search for us in the email field.

5. Select “Details” next to the transactions you require an ID for.

6. The “Unique Transaction ID” will appear at the top of the details page. It is a long alphanumeric code.