Normal API response times are within 0.2 to 2 seconds. If you are seeing longer times than this it could be due to the ISP being tested.

If you continue to see slow response times for a mix of ISPs we will help you to resolve this as priority. 

Please provide the following details for us to investigate further :- 

1. Please confirm the time zone your are testing from.

2. Please confirm the full URL being tested.

3. Do you have any traceroute stats from this period that may show network issues?

4. Do you see the issues repeatedly at the same time of day approximately, on multiple days?

5. Which country do your tests originating from (India, USA, UK etc.)? 

6. Are you seeing these issues right now?

We do have alternative endpoints that you can use, in different data centres. It may be that we give you these endpoints to test with. If you can come back to me with the points above in the first instance, we can look to take the investigations further and help resolve the issues for you.